2012-01-17: 1.   Chiemsee Railway (complete vehicle set from different areas)
2011-07-28: 1.   Euhotra hotel train for railway cruises
2010-09-12: 1.   Museum train of the Appenzeller Bahnen (former St. Gallen - Gais - Appenzell)
2.   Landscape scenarios from Urnäsch within the Appenzell country
2010-08-25: 1.   Württ. T3 with local train from origin at Weißenstein in 1901 from K. D. Schneider
2.   BR39-Variants at Stuttgart around 1965 from J. Hoffmann with wagons from L. Bosshammer
3.   Vehicles from Württembergische Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft + Württembergische Nebenbahnen AG
2010-07-04: 1.   Wuertt. T3 with long water tank by Klaus Schneider
2.   Wuertt. Kittel railcars by Klaus Schneider with KWStE and DRG livery
2010-06-13: 1.   Wuertt. T14 by Klaus Schneider
2010-06-05: 1.   New vehicles from the KWStE by Klaus Schneider
2010-05-29: 1.   Former Royal train cars used by the KPEV
2.   Former Royal train cars preserved as museum vehicles
2010-05-28: 1.   Mitropa cars from the former Royal train of the German emperor
2010-03-14: 1.   New landscape scenarios from the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen
2010-03-09: 1.   The Royal train of his majesty, the German emperor, king of Prussia
2009-09-19: 1.   Pictures from the Harzquer railway (4M-Meeting at Wernigerode)
2008-04-13: 1.   Articulated trains VT 10 501 and VT 10 551
2008-03-31: 1.   VT11.5 restaurant-cars completed by TEE nameplates
2008-03-24: 1.   Danish "Lyntog" multiple units of series MA
2.   Danish MA trains introduced by the Polish LKR
2008-03-16: 1.   TEE multiple unit VT11/601/602  -  different versions
2007-09-24: 1.   Prussian electric locomotive "S6 Halle"
2.   Landscape sceneries from South Germany and Switzerland
3.   Google satellite pictures for most BahnLand sceneries
2007-08-07: 1.   New landscape scenarios from Switzerland
2007-07-23: 1.   German locomotives of series 01 from Jürgen Hoffmann
2.   Landscape scenery Brugg a.d. Aare (Photo: E. Suter)
2007-06-39: 1.   Update of the tram vehicles from Reutlingen and Luzern
2.   More than 400 new tram vehicles from different cities
3.   New partial page with street cars
2007-04-06: 1.   All vehicle types from the tramway of Reutlingen
2.   New specific site with railway history
3.   Update of the drawing artists link list
2007-01-07: 1.   Wuerttemberg steam locomotives with Klose mechanism
2007-01-04: 1.   New and revised steam engines from the KWStE
2006-12-27: 1.   WRkm136: McDonald dining car, Dom Kölsch party car
2006-12-24: 1.   New steam engines of the Royal Wuerttemberg State Railway
2006-10-31: 1.   New link table for vehicle side view and scale drawings
2006-10-15: 1.   New download section "Tools and Information"
2.   "Catalan Talgo" with full length (Claudioscar Contest 2006)
3.   New landscape scenarios ("Schiefe Ebene", Saxony)
4.   Update of the drawing artists link list
2006-03-22: 1.   New and updated steam engines from the KWStE
2.   Freight wagons from eras 1 and 2
3.   Package railcars from era 2
4.   Railway automobiles from eras 1 and 2
5.   Further animations at the download pages
6.   New library structures within ZIP collection files
7.   Description of library structure at download main page
2005-10-09: 1.   Island railway of Amrum - vehicles, landscapes, history
2.   Updated entries in the drawing artists link list
2005-06-17: 1.   New Bahnland/MM vehicles of eras 1 (KWStE) and 3a (DB)
2.   New Landscape from Saxony
3.   New and updated entries in the drawing artists link list
2004-12-26: New Landscape sceneries from the Altmühl Valley in Bavaria
2004-08-16: 1.   New Landscapes from Baden and Bavaria
2.   New and updated entries in the drawing artists list
2004-05-02: TALGO350 with AVE livery
2004-04-24: 1.   Animations now also applicable with Internet Explorer and Netscape since version 6.0
2.   New vehicle:   Steam engine 671 of the Graz-Köflacher Bahn
3.   New czech landscape pictures from Jindrich Kalous
4.   List of download pages from other drawing artists updated
2002-12-23: New vehicles from the Wendelstein and Zugspitz railways
2002-11-26: New landscapes and TALGO trains from Spain
2002-10-18: New landscape scenarios; ships from Titisee; new links
2002-03-30: New URL for Homepage; Correction of english steam engines
2002-03-03: New vehicles from Germany, Europe and out of Europe; new Links
2001-12-26: Update and extension of TalgoII and TalgoIII vehicles
2001-12-16: Wurttemberg express coaches
2001-11-06: 125th anniversary of Munich tram - Parade, new scenario
2001-10-22: 125th anniversary of Munich tram - Trams for download
2001-10-20: 125th anniversary of Munich tram - Extension of BAHNLAND
2001-10-16: New: Hungarian landscape, Wurttemberg steam locomotives and links
2001-07-22: New vehicles and links
2001-06-03: Designation system for BAHNLAND vehicles
2001-05-28: New vehicles, several Talgo compositions
2001-05-17: New vehicles and links
2001-04-24: New landscape pictures, vehicles and links
2001-03-11: New landscape pictures
2001-03-04: New railcars from era 3
2001-02-11: ET 11 added
2001-02-04: The site goes online