4M-Meeting 2009 at Wernigerode - Impressions from the Harzquer railway

In the context of the meeting in Wernigerode, which was very fine and familial again, a railway journey to the Brocken was organized at Saturday, September 12th. Beeing heading back, some people of the 4M group took a walking-tour between "Drei Annen Hohne" and "Hasserode". Thereby, I made the photos shown here.

For better orientation, I have put in front a survey map and additionally a satellite picture from each photo location (realized as Google links).

I wish much fun for viewing the pictures!

Survey map "Wernigerode - Drei Annen Hohne - Brocken"

Picture detail from the great forest clearing near Drei Annen Hohne. The photographer's location was in the lower part of the picture, exactly where the railtrack enters the forest.

About 2.00 pm, the train coming from Wernigerode has just driven around the opposite hillside and appears in the bright sunlight.

Running along the curve, the steam engine 99 222 will immediately "disappear" in the forest.

Directly below (in the left of) the Thumkuhlenkopftunnel with length of 58m (the only tunnel at the Harz narrow gauge railway network, look at the right side of the satellite picture, in the mid of the curve), there was a free sight along around 100m track, when the photos have been made. But the hillside opposite to the photographer's location upside the tunnel was completely overgrown, so that the track section lying there could not be seen.

But the train coming from Wernigerode about 3.20 pm was already heared from a long distance, so that we could bring us into position early enough. Even though the approaching train could not be seen on the opposite side, it could be located with its plume.
Only a few seconds later, the train appeared at the photographer's hillside before vanishing in the tunnel.

Some minutes later, a futher steam engine followed unexpectedly, pulling a "Harz camel".

The stop station "Steinerne Renne" of the Harzquer railway hides within the forest along the southern (lowerside) part of the switchback shown in the present satellite picture. The railway station track is inclining here towards "Drei Annen Hohne".

The steam engine of the train arriving "Steinerne Renne" from Wernigerode at 4.44 pm covered the whole railway station area by a smoke screen. The continuation of this train's drive towards "Drei Annen Hohne" was documented by the walking colleague Frank Laffin by video, which can be regarded after connection to his homepage.