Drawing your own vehicles and landscapes

The program BAHNLAND can be extended by additional vehicle and landscape drawings. To support a free exchange of all pictures and a free mix of all vehicles, a standardized scale (1 pixel = 10 cm) and a free height between the rail track and the overhead electric supply (catenary wire) of 58 pixels is used.

The landscape picture is a combination of the real landscape bitmap and additional stripes for each railway track which crosses the picture. The stripes contain only that objects of the landscape picture which lie between the viewer in front of the screen and the passing train within the picture.

The bitmaps representing the vehicles for the program BAHNLAND may contain up to 8 motion phases, whose change frequency may be defined individually depending on the distance to be moved. Using 8 motion phases, wheels will rotate with steps of 45 degrees.

You can find more detailed information for construction of vehicle and landscape drawings in the subsections shown on the left. There, red colored borders and marks are not part of the bitmap being considered but are intended to emphasize the bitmap boundaries as well as specific features described widthin the text.