The landscape as background picture

The background picture shows the complete landscape without trains. With the current version of the program BAHNLAND, there is a black pixel column on the right side of the picture which contains one or two white pixels with additional control information (see the arrows above).

The vertical position of the first white pixel (counting from the top position, beginning with 0) defines the scaling factor for the complete picture to set the correct scale for displaying the vehicles (1 pixel equals 10 cm in the real world; in the example on the left, the scaling factor 1 is given). If the original picture is too large, it must be reduced independently of the program BAHNLAND.

If a railway crosses the picture several times, the vertical position of the second white pixel specifies the distance in meters of the invisible stretch of track located between two visible sections widthin the picture (1 meter corresponds to 10 pixels). Depending on the speed of the train being displayed, the time the train remains invisible (i.e. the time when the train is outside of the picture) is determined from this distance.

If the second white pixel is omitted, a distance of 400 meters is assumed (a screen width of 1024 pixels corresponds to a visible part of the landscape of 102.4 meters).