EisenBAHN + LANDschaft   Overview

Trains driving through landscapes

The main window shows a landscape with one or several track segments as selected by the user. The track will be used by trains which are also selected individually. The game is controlled by the buttons at the bottom edge of the window.
The landscapes as well as the vehicles are scaled in the relation 1 pixel = 10 cm. This corresponds to the scale used by the screensaver of Manfred and Martin Meyer, who have kindly provided vehicles for use with the program BAHNLAND.
The vehicles can be used with gradients of up to 1:10. Scenarios based on smaller landscape drawings can be shown with an enlarged scale.

Arranging trains

The vehicles are stored in various directories sorted by countries, eras and types of vehicles. The main frame shows vehicles from one subdirectory. A train can be put together by selecting individual vehicles. The complete train is displayed at the top of the program window and it can be tested running there. The trains so constructed can be saved in a list and associated with a landscape.

Creating sequences of landscapes

Within this frame, a list of landscape drawings each associated with a set of trains can be defined. This is the source for running the program as a screensaver. The landscapes can be presented in a random order or in the order in which they are defined. The selection of trains within a specific landcape is always random. The number of trains to be shown before the landscape is changed may be restricted by upper and lower limits.

Changing program settings

This frame allows the user to modify settings for the program BAHNLAND. These are saved in an INI-file when closing the program and will be restored with restart of the program. Modifications which are made within this frame are displayed immediately in the INI-file shown at the left side of the frame.

Use as a screensaver

If the program BAHNLAND is used as a screensaver, only the frame showing the landscape drawings without the control buttons is displayed. The sequence of landscapes shown by the screensaver is controlled by the landscape list which the user can create in the program's dialog mode.