BAHNLAND landscape drawings

Market place of Reutlingen (3 versions)

Original Drawing:
© Hans-Martin Hebsaker

Nearly all vehicles from various eras of the Reutlingen tram system are available (70 sets, consisting of 82 single vehicles altogether).

Marienplatz in Munich with town hall (3 versions)

Drawings: © Hans-Martin Hebsaker

Many trams, subway and railway vehicles of various eras appear in the pictures (70 trains, consisting of 122 individual vehicles and horses altogether). Some trams and subway trains were drawn by members of the Aktion Münchner Fahrgäste.

Gondrellplatz tram terminus in Munich

Photo: © Aktion Münchner Fahrgäste

The foreground in this photo, between the trams and the viewer, was elaborated by hand. Because of the small picture format, the landscape is shown with scaling factor 3.

Mountain landscape with railway line crossing the picture 3 times

Drawing: © Hans-Martin Hebsaker

The present landscape drawing was freely modelled on the Gotthard line near Wassen. 52 trains pass through the picture 3 times. By courtesy of Manfred and Martin Meyer, many of the associated vehicles were taken from their screensaver and adapted for the program BAHNLAND.

Fictitious country railway station

Drawing: © Hans-Martin Hebsaker

This is a fictitious railway station outside the village belonging to it. The trains passing through the station are from era 3 (51 trains).

Fictitious town railway station

Drawing: © Hans-Martin Hebsaker

The shown town scenario is located in hill country as found in the Neckar valley above Stuttgart. Therefore, the vehicles from different eras, which are associated with this landscape (98 trains and trams), come from the region around Stuttgart.

Abstract illustration to demonstrate a rail track with a gradient of up to 10%

Drawing: © Hans-Martin Hebsaker

The inclination of the vehicles is calculated automatically by the program according to the given gradient of the track, based on the points of contact between wheels and track. The whole vehicle will be inclined appropriately. If points of contact are defined explicitly, the inclination can be calculated separately for parts of the vehicle (e.g. separate inclinations for a steam engine and the accompanying tender).

Munich Airport

Drawing: © Hans-Martin Hebsaker

This scenario was freely modelled on Munich airport. In addition to the suburban trains which travel between the city and the airport, there are also busses. In anticipation of a possible realisation of a magnetic levitation train line, the TRANSRAPID was already integrated into this picture. Finally, inclined imaginary tracks are used to show aircraft starting and landing.