At this site, additional tools, whose functionality is not part of the program BahnLand, are provided as supplements.


Here, you can find decriptions and hints for the BahnLand program handling. Especially, a detailed handbook in German and English language is available here.

Conversion tool for BahnLand scenario pictures

© Hans-Martin Hebsaker
In contrast to the older program versions of BahnLand, where the scenario pictures had been restricted to the BMP format, also pictures of the JPG format are supported by the BahnLand version 3.0 (32-bit version). This format needs much less disk space. Therefore, new scenario pictures will be offered from now on only in the JPG graphics format. Older scenario pictures will be successively changed to the new format.
To be able to use the new BahnLand scenarios also together with older BahnLand versions, the present conversion tool is offered for free download. You can convert alle BahnLand scenario pictures from one graphics format to the other and vice versa.
Short instruction guide
There are overall 4 function buttons in vertical order, which, regarding from top to bottom, have the following functionalities:
1. Load a BahnLand scenario picture to be converted.
The program evaluates the 1st bitmap stripe corresponding to the scenario to recognize whether the loaded scenario picture hat the old graphics format (colored foreground and single-colored background) or the new format (black foreground mask and white background).
2. Conversion trial of the 1st bitmap stripe to the other graphics format.
The conversion result will be shown within the lower program window.
3. Conversion of the whole scenario including all bitmap stripes
from the old to the new graphics format (colored bitmap stripes are changed to black/white) or from the new to the old format (black/white bitmap stripes are changed to colored foreground and single-colored background). The main picture (the full landscape picture) will be saved in the JPG format if there was a change from old to new and if the original picture was not a 16-color picture (these pictures have at most sharp contours which should not be destroyed by converting to JPG, so thät the 16-color-bitmap remains valid). When converting from the new to the old graphics format, the main picture will be saved in 24-bit BMP-format if its original format was JPG). The bitmap stripes will be saved anyway in the BMP format, where the color depth is 24-bit if colored and 2-bit if black/white. The file extensions bz1, bz2, bz3, ... remain valid.
The common name body (name without file extension) of all converted files, which belong to the same BahnLand scenario, gets "_A" as last two characters, if the scenario is converted to the old format. If the scenario is converted to the new format, the last two characters of the new name body will be "_N".
4. Termination of the conversion program.

Handbook for the program BahnLand

© Hans-Martin Hebsaker
The handbook offered here describes all functions of the program BahnLand of version V3.0. This is the 32-bit version of the program. In comparison to the old 16-bit versions the functional range is extended (e.g. more selection criteria within the train composition window or support of JPG-formatted BahnLand scenarios). The tutorial for creating own BahnLand vehicles and own landscape scenarios is now integrated to the handbook.

Because this handbook describes also all functions of the older BahnLand versions (which are still fully available with the new version), and because it is now available also in English, it is also a senseful addendum for the older BahnLand versions. Therefore, it will be provided here for free download.