Manfred + Martin Meyer
With the screensaver of Manfred and Martin Meyer, it is possible to add further vehicles. At the sites listed below, you can find a great collection of additional vehicles.
The authors listed below provide their vehicles for different programs. But the pictures may be converted to each other program format, because their scale is nearly unique (1 pixel corresponds to 10 cm in reality). The vehicle drawings are concretely provided for the following programs: MM screensaver, Traffic, Railway32, Train Side View und BahnLand.

Within the following link list, there are also references whose URL addresses cannot be reached since some time. They are marked as crossed out. If someone has some informations about correct URLs for these references, I would be very glad to be informed.
Florian Albers
Railway vehicles from Germany and Austria
Roland Altherr
Swiss railway vehicles
ANDYarts shows railway vehicles of different european countries (see also the category "BahnTrans"). The painting show the vehicles in a little abstract manner.
Kenneth Arnerstedt
Railway vehicles from Sweden
Matteo  Asperti
Railway vehicles from Italy
Austrian Railway Pictureteam
At most Austrian train compositions
Benedikt Meyer   (Bandraz' Bahn)
Railway vehicles from Germany
Marcus Bayer
Railway vehicles and busses from Germany
Michael Beck
Swiss narrow gauge vehicles
Oliver Beretta
Swiss Vehicles, at most track service vehicles
Berner Trams und Busse
At this page, one can find the tramcars and busses from "BernMobil", which have been provided for the MM screensaver by several drawing artists.
Markus Blaser
At the homepage of Markus Blaser, there are national and international authentic train compositions, which are driving through Switzerland. The order of the vehicles is presented by pictures in the MM screensaver format.
There is an animated japanese train at the homepage which can be interactive controlled while pasing the shown landscape. The landscape is moving with different speeds depending on the perspective distance. The train can be saved as GIF.
Wolfgang Bölter ("Paps22")
The vehicles from Wolfgang Bölter (mainly German steam engines) can now be downloaded from the internet site "".
Peter Bosbach
The main focus of the homepage from Peter Bosbach lies on the local traffic at Wuppertal. In addition to many photos, there are also drawings in the MM screensaver format from the suspension line, the tramcars and the busses at Wuppertal.
Arjen Brands   (Tweety's Train Pages)
American railway vehicles
Thomas Brian and Martin Voepel
have a common homepage, where own street and railway vehicles (the last ones mainly from Switzerland) as well as vehicles from other authors are offered for download.
Matthew J. Brown
American railway vehicles for the Railway32 schreensaver, which can also be adapted for the MM&MM screensaver or BAHNLAND.
Thomas Burger
At the homepage of Thomas Burger one can find American vehicles available for the Traffic screensaver.
Brian Clough
Railway vehicles from America
John Coldwell
John Coldwell offers the american BUDD railcar in the liveries of different canadian railway companies.
Markus Dittrich
Markus Dittrich shows in the MM screensaver download area of mainly maintenance trains and own creations.
Tamás Dobronyi
Hungarian busses
Krzysztof Dobrzanski
Here, one can find at most Polish railway vehicles.
Herrmann Dremel
Busses around Holzminden, trams from Hannover and other means of transportation
Martin Duffner
The train-formation indicator shown by Martin Duffner consists of authentic train compositions in the MM screensaver format.
Wadim Dziedzic
Polish vehicles
Sven Eger
In addition to freight, one can find vehicles miscellaneous countries at the homepage of Sven Eger.
Dani Egger-Jetzer
Mainly vehicles from the Schweizerischen Bundesbahnen
Matthias Ehmann     (Tramclub Basel)
Tram vehicles from Basel (Switzerland)
At the Eisenbahn-Kurier download page one can find some specific vehicles, which have been drawn by Nikolaus Mohr and Eike Schumacher.
Mikkel Elling
Railway vehicles from Denmark
Thomas Englich
The site from Thomas Englich considers the history of local railways in Germany, especially that of the "Gefreeser Bockela", a branch line between Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg and Hof on the fringes of the Fichtel mountains, running between Falls and Gefrees. Regarding the vehicle descriptions, one can find some authentic train compositions in the MM screensaver format.
Mario Fabro
Railway vehicles mostly from Switzerland
Franz Fanger
At the "Vicinalbahn" site of Franz Langer, one can find locomotives 101 with advertising, color variants of the vehicles 420 and 260 as well as the one-piece fantasy vehicle 427.
Küstenbahn Fehmarn
The Fehmarn page of "Kü" has the description of the vehicles, which have drived there, completed by original drawings from the MM sceensaver. Within the chapter "Sonstiges" (Others) the railway station "Burg/Fehmarn" can be found in the format applicable for the Traffic screensaver.
Marcus Fey
Busses and railway vehicles around Solingen, "Wuppertaler Schwebebahn", Narrow gauge at Langeoog
Jerome Flaherty
American railway vehicles
René Friese
Tram vehicles from Berlin
Stefan Fritzsch
Some selective vehicles primarily from the eastern region of Germany. The former big vecile library of this site is now supported by Ulrich Grunert (see there).
Japanese railway and street vehicles as well as backgrounds in the Train Side View format.
Marc Le Gad
French vehicles for the Traffic screensaver
Eric Gagla
Railway and tram vehicles from Belgium
Gerard Gielis
Railway and street vehicles
Christian Göbel ("Staedteexpressfahrer")
The railcars from Christian Göbel can now be downloaded from the site "".
Mark Goodspeed
Screensaver "Railway 32" with vehicles of nearly the same scale as the MM&MM screensaver vehicles. The presented vehicles are most from England.
Bernhard Graf
At the site of Bernhard Graf, section "MM-Bitmaps", one can find vehicles from the Vienna tram and the Wien-Baden railway (WLB).
Stefan Graf
In addition to vehicles coming mostly from Switzerland, Stefan Graf has also converted some vehicles from his father's model railroad of american style to the MM screensaver format.
Francois Grinnaert
Francois Grinnaert shows at his homepage mainly narrow gauge vehicles from the Corsican railways. The uniqe scale for all vehicles is 15 pixels/m.
Philipp Groß
Railway vehicles mostly from Germany and Switzerland
Harald Großstück (Parkeisenbahn Cottbus)
At the homepage of the association "Parkeisenbahn Cottbus" one can find their vehicles as MM screensaver paintings.
Ulrich Grunert
Ulrich Grunert supports now the great vehicle gallery which was formerly provided by Stefan Fritzsch, Ronny Meyer and Gert Spießhofer.

Frank Grünewald   (Gurkthalbahn)
The MM-part of the homepage from the Gurkthal railway line is no longer existing. But at the site "" one can find Austrian narrow gauge vihicles from Frank Grünewald.
Timo Günther
Train compositions and exotic vehicles for the Traffic screensaver
Maik Gutjahr
Additionally to the scale for the MM screensaver and for Traffic, Maik Gutjahr offers his vehicles also in doubled scale.
Géza Gyulai
Hungarian vehicles.
Bálint Hajtó
Railway and street vehicles of Hungarian local traffic
Peter Hansen
The trams shown by Peter Hansen are mainly coming from Northern Europe.
Gerhard Hauptmann
Gerhard Hauptmann's greatest railway favourite is the former ET420 of the Munich commuter railway system. But there are also several other German railway vehicles with MM screensaver scale on his homepage.
Daniel Hentschel
Railway vehicles from Germany
Jürgen Hoffmann
Jürgen Hoffmann is a specialist for old steam engines and railcars. He is one of the most hard-working suppliers of absolutely high-quality vehicles for the "".
Fredi Huber
Railway and street vehicles from Switzerland
Interessengemeinschaft S-Bahn München
Urban railcars from Munich and Stuttgart
Zoltan Ivan
The drawings from Zoltan Ivan, which are shown here, represent vehicles from the Hungarian state railway MAV and from the private railway GySEV. But his most drawings can be found within the picture collection, provided by Zoltan Szabo, which is also part of the program Traffic.
Frank Jacob
Frank Jakob offers trams and street cars especially for the MM screensaver. But there are further paintings if narrow gauge railways at his homepage.
T. Kadonaka
Japanese railway vehicles
Kakeyama's Train Illust Gallery
In the Kakeyama's Train Illust Gallery one can find japanese vehicles for the Train Side View program, whose scale corresponds to that of the MM screensaver.
Jindrich Kalous
Czech railway vehicles and background pictures for the Traffic screensaver
Jan Kärrbäck
Railway vehicles from Sweden
Kaz (Isokazu)
There are japanese vehicles in the big scale of Train-Side-View and matching landscapes with animated foreground scenes (e.g. railway gates).
Ronald Kiebler
Trolley busses from the municipal transportation company of Esslingen am Neckar
Miroslav Kielbon
Polish vehicles from different authors
Kiha   (Taishi station)
Railway vehicles from Japan
Nils Kirchner (PhotoBucket)
At the Traffic screensaver site from Nils Kirchner, one can find mainly railway vehicles from Danmark.
Ulrich Kissmann
Ulrich Kissmann provides at mainly tram vehicles.
Peter Klarenbeek
Railway vehicles from the Netherlands, from Belgium, France as well as from overseas, furthermore vehicles from the "Wuppertaler Schwebebahn"
Patrick Kluge
Railway vehicles from Germany
Oliver Krapp   (Die Straßenbahn in Braunschweig)
The link now presents a forum about the tramway of Braunschweig, which is provided by Matthias Roll. The tram vehicles with MM screensaver scale, which had been located ander this URL formerly are no longer available.
Tschechische Eisenbahn-Fahrzeuge
Filip Kuncewicz
Trams and Busses from Hannover
Günter Kunkel
The hompage of Günter Kunkel considers the V160 Family. Especially, there exist several V160 pictures in the MM screensaver format which all have been drawn by Daniel Hentschel.
Stefan Kunzmann
Railway vehicles from at most german companies
Joas Kursawe
Vehicles of German railways are shown (some in specific colour designs).
Marcin Kuzera
Polish railway vehicles
Stephan Kyrieleis
Tram vehicles from Frankfurt

Frank Laffin
4M-Screensaver Picture Gallery
At his private homepage, Frank Laffin offers railway vehicles from Germany. After the "Bahnschranke" from Mats Vanselow has been removed, Frank Laffin has introduced a new portal "", where everyone can upload his vehicles in the MM screensaver and Traffic format. The "4M picture gallery", which was also provided by Frank Laffin, is currently not available.
Sebastian Ledesma
International railway vehicles
Landeseisenbahn Lippe e.V.
Railway vehicles from LEL   (Landeseisenbahn Lippe) and VBE   (Verkehrsbetriebe Extertal)
Linie D e.V.
Trams and busses from Düsseldorf are shown.
Peter Lipowsky
Railway vehicles and busses as well as scenarios for Traffic
Nomiya Masaharu   (Know Mix)
Japanese electric railcars
Dirk Mattner
At his homepage, Dirk Mattner has attended to the ET 420, which, at least in the south part of Germany, has nearly completely disappeared in the meantime. Besides much need-to-know about the real railcars, there is also an MM site, where much different variants of the 420, drawn by Gerhard Hauptmann and Manuel Gründler, can be downloaded.
Arthur Meyer
Vehicles of European railway companies in the MM screensaver download area of .
Andy Micklethwaite
Railway vehicles from Austria and Switzerland
Mittelweserbahn   (MWB)
At the "fan corner" of the "Mittelweserbahn", there are MM pictures from the company vehicles. The painting artist is Stefan Kunzmann.
Railway vehicles from Japan
Kohichi Mizuno
Trains of the Japan National Railway (JNR)
Nikolaus Mohr
Extension packages with vehicles from the whole world
Juan Mompean
Juan Mompean's download page contains railway vehicles from Spain.
Mathias Mösken
There are railway vehicles from Germany and Switzerland at this homepage.
Olle Nebendahl
At the homepage of Olle Nebendahl, one can find at most German and Scandinavian vehicles, drawn by different authors.
Harald Nitsch
Railcars and "Jagsttalbahn" Möckmühl-Dörzbach
Pierre Ofzareck
Railway and tram vehicles, mostly from Germany
At this Slovak homepage there are some Slovak vehicles in Traffic format available for download.
Opaku   (Sonobe Souan)   +   Opaku's Train Kit
Railway vehicles at most from Japan
Sorin Oprisan
The most vehicles offered here are coming from Romania. But there are also vehicles from other countries available.
Ronald Pabst
Railway and tram vehicles as well as busses around Dresden
Jörg Petri
Trams from Germany, "Harzer Schmalspurbahnen"
Lars Pohlmann
At the MM screensaver page of Lars Pohlmann, there are different variants of the 4-way current locomotive 189 available.
Claus D. Pusch
International railway vehicles
Kris van de Putte
Newsgroup, where vehicles and news accouding to the MM+MM screensaver can be exchanged
  Jeroen Raangs
Railway vehicles and busses from the Netherlands
Here, there are Japanese vehicles in the Train-Side-View formats with 30 and 60 pixels picture height.
Carsten Reinecke   (Class 111, together with Christof Ziebarth and Christoph Schneider)
Several trains pulled by electric locomotive 111
Kai Reinhard
Kai Reinhard offers at his homepage railway and street vehicles from different countries.
Christian Reiter
Prussian steam engines and corresponding waggons
Karl Arne Richter
An armada of V100 variations can be found at the V100 homepage from Karl Arne Richter. Furthermore, there are here some project drawings of German diesel locomotives, which indeed had been planned but never realized in this form.
Pierre-Noël Rietsch
Railway and tram vehicles, most from Switzerland
Emanuel Roche
International railway vehicles
Michael Rodgers
The English vehicles from the homepage of Michael Rogers have been provided for the Railway32 screensaver of Mark Goodspeed. But after some adaption, they can also be used together woth the MM screensaver, with Traffic or with BahnLand.
Paul Rohrbacher
At the homepage of Paul Rohrbacher one can find some vehicles from German railways.
Tobias Rohrbacher
Thomas Rohrbacher shows vehicles from german locomotive factories at his homepage.
Diego Romanelli
Diego Romanelli provides at his site Italian vehicles.
Bert Roosendaal
Railway vehicles from the Netherlands, street vehicles and heavy trucks
Francisco Rosa
Railway vehicles from Portugal
Mat Roth
Mat Roth shows in the MM screensaver download area of several vehicles from the form DR.
Stefan von der Ruhren
He presents at his home page authentic international passenger trains from the region around Aachen since 1978 till today.
Thomas W. Salzmann
Urban railcars from Berlin
Claude Samyn
Belgium trams
Till Schäfer
Railway and tram vehicles from Germany
Maik Schaffner
Railway and tram vehicles from Germany, narrow gauge railway vehicles from Austria
Torsten Scheinert   (Waldeisenbahn Muskau, WEM)
From the homepage of the association "Waldeisenbahn Muskau" (WEM), their own and other narrow gauge vehicles for the MM screensaver can be downloaded.
Matthias Schenkel
At the "Donauländer" site from Matthias Schenkel, there are railway and tram vehicles as well as busses from Germany, Austria and Switzerland shown.
Friedhelm Schlender
Besides a set of 4yg reconstrction cars with MM screensaver scale, Friedhelm Schlender additionally shows some scale drawings.
Adrian Schmid
The "MM-Forum Schweiz" provides vehicles for the MM and the Traffic screensaver, drawn by different authors. The administrators are Adrian Schmid and Dani Egger-Jetzer, who has a separate homepage, which is also mentioned within the present list.
Matthias Schöck
The vehicles from Mathhias Schöck correspond mostly to models of German private railways.
Hans Schrimpf, Wolfram Wittsiepe
Wolfgang Wittsiepe has a homepage about "modern three-phase locomotives". There are also a lot of locomotives in the MM screensaver format for free download, which had been drawn for the most part by Hans Schrimpf.
Torsten Schulz
Railway vehicles mostly from Germany
Frank Schulze
Frank Schulze offers in the MM screensaver download area of the MaK G1206 from MEG.
Wieland Schulze (Traditionsverein Kleinbahn des Kreises Jerichow I e.V.)
Besides information about the original narrow-gauge railway, the tradition club offers also all vehicles in the MM screensaver format for free download.
Eike Kristian Schumacher
At the site of the "RHS-Wagenstudio", Eike Kristian Schumacher provides authentic compositions of German passenger trains in the MM screensaver format for free download.
Gerhard Schumann   (VEF, Verband der Eisenbahnfreunde Wien)
Railway and tram vehicles from Austria
Günter Schwindt
Steam engines from the whole world, but most from Germany
Alex Seeger (as-webstudio)
The trams and busses from public transportation services in North Rhine-Westphalia, which are shown within the bus graphics archive from Alex Seeger, have been painted from different authors.
Railway vehicles from Japan
Railway vehicles from Japan
Jaroslav Silhan
Railway vehicles from Czech Republic
Richard Sliwinski   (Richie´s Bahn-Seiten)
Czech railway vehicles
Rail Club Sottevillais
French railway vehicles
Giorgio Stagni
Railway and tram vehicles from Italy
Alexander Stannigel
Railway vehicles from Germany
Werner Steinbach
At the homepage about the "Wuppertaler Schwebebahn" from Werner Steinbach, besides own drawings, one can also find drawings from Klaus Neubert and Peter Bosbach in the MM screensaver format.
Vasek Stiba
Czech vehicles
Oliver Stucki
Vehicles from Switzerland, Norway, Romania and New Zealand
Zoltán Szabó
"Traffic" screensaver as well as railway vehicles from Hungary, and additionally a very large list of all vehicles which were found within different screensavers or several vehicle sites. Additionally, a great part of the presented vehicles is also available for the program BAHNLAND.
Umemura Tamio
Japanese railway vehicles with 30, 60 and 120 pixels for the picture height. The middle scale corresponds to the MM+MM screensaver.
Patrick Tassignon
Belgian steam trains
Japanese vehicles
Jörg Thamms   (Thammi's Bahnpage)
Trams from Berlin and Frankfurt/Oder
Rob Thijs
Various vehicles from the Netherlands
Kai Uwe Thormann
Railway vehicles from Germany
Atelier Toki
Railway vehicles from Japan
Mats Vanselow
Unfortunately, Mats Vanselow has definitely suspended his "Bahnschranke" site. Zoltan Szabo has saved some vehicles. These can be downloaded from his special site. But since a short time, there is a new Bahnschranke provided by Frank Laffin.
Jens Vesterdahl
At the MM site of Jens Versterdahl one can find Danish steam engines.
Claudio Vianini
Railway and tram vehicles, mostly from Italy
Martin Voepel and Thomas Brian
have a common homepage, where own street and railway vehicles (the last ones mainly from Switzerland) as well as vehicles from other authors are offered for download.
Norbert Walter
State and private railway vehicles from Germany
Wolfgang Wellige
Vehicles of the Munich transport services
Andre Werske
The site from Andre Werske about the Würzburg tram was unfortunately decommissioned.
Gerhard Wiesner
Mainly vehicles from the German language area
Sven Winkelhock
Along the main page "", two pages with MM-vehicles from the bus local traffic are reached, concerning the region around Hagen and the Rems-Murr district.
Urs Wittig
Railway vehicles from at most swiss railway companies
Bertram Wlasak
Railway vehicles from Spain, Switzerland and Slovenia
Steve Xodiak
Czech vehicles for the Traffic screensaver
Japanese railway vehicles with 30, 60 and 120 pixels for the picture height. The middle scale corresponds to the MM+MM screensaver.
Ladislav Zeman
Czech and Slovak vehicles for the Traffic screensaver
Christof Ziebarth
The LINT railcar vehicles, which Christof Zibarth has drawn for the MM screensaver, can be found below each LINT railcar picture list, which exists for all railway companies running LINT railcars.
Hans-Joachim Zierke
The trains within the article about the "Shasta Route" from Hans-Joachim Zierke are also in the correct scale for BahnLand and the MM screensaver.
Robert Zirknitzer
In addition to own creations, one can download here complete train compostions from Austria, Germany, Italy and Sweden for the MM screensaver, provided by different authors.
Czech and Slovak vehicles as well as backgrounds for the Traffic screensaver
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