The following links refer some internet sites containing scale drawings and side views of railway and street vehicles, which are qualified as samples to draw vehicles in the BahnLand/MM/Traffic format from them. Hints for further sites containing side views of vehicles are always welcome.
Sven Ackermann
Sven Ackermann considers the German "blunderbusses". Many variants of these wagons are also shown as side view drawings.
Robert August
The site from the "Merchant Navy Locomotive Preservation Society", attended by Robert August, especially shows some livery variations of the "Merchant Navy" class locomotive as side view drawings.
Autotransport Logistic GmbH
At the internet presentation from the company Autotransport Logistic GmbH, one can find some data sheets describing the vehicle transport units used. Each data sheet contains a scale drawing of the described wagon.
Armin-Hagen Berberich
The hompage from Armin-Hagen Berberich contains narrow gauge railway models from Baden and Württemberg. Furthermore, some side view drawings of Wuerttemberg narrow gauge freight wagons are shown.
Bombardier Transportation
Bombardier offers a very wide spectrum of railway vehicles. One can find a scale drawing for nearly each vehicle type.
Cargo Partner
The Norwegian company Cargo Partner presents side view drawings from different sliding wall wagons.
Diesel vehicles from the Sulzer company are considered here. There are also a number of side view and scale drawings available.
Digitales Eisenbahn Fotoarchiv
The Digital Railway Photo-Archive, formerly "Austrian Railway Pictureteam", shows photos as well as scale drawings from Austrian railway vehicles.
Richard Feichtenschlager
Richard Feichtenschlager presents tramcars from Munich and Rome. From the Munich vehicles, there are also some side view drawings available.
Axel Förster
Axel Förster describes the "Sächsische Semmeringbahn" from Bad-Schandau over Sebnitz to Neustadt/Sachsen in the East of Dresden, which had its 125th anniversary in 2002. The site describing the vehicle data especially contains side view drawings from the vehicles which had run there. Vehicles in the MM screensaver format are passing each partial page at the upper border.
Duane Fryer
If you are interested in side views of all kinds of busses, you will discover this at the homepage from Duane Fryer.
Gamle Vossebanen
Additionally to photographies from Norwegian railway vehicles, one can also find corresponding scale drawings at the German-language homepage from the section "Gamle Vossebanen" of the "Norsk Jernbaneklubb".
Michal Andrzej Glowacz
A side view drawing from the Polish Pu29-1 decorates the homepage from Michal Andrzej Glowacz.
Antonio Augusto Gorni
From the link list in the lower part of the referred site, one reaches different Brazilian railway companies, whose vehicles are presented as photographies and also as scale drawings.
Ulrich Grunert
At the "railway wallpaper" site from Ulrich Grunert, one can find many vehicles from German railway companies, which are presented as side view drawings.
Mathias Hellmann
Besides many photos of tank cars and powder tank cars of all kinds, one can also find several side view drawings of them at the internet site from Mathias Hellmann.
Jens Herbach
Jens Herbach describes at his homepage the railway of Saxony. For nearly all vehicle descriptions, one can find here also scale drawings.
Markus Jurziczek v. Lisone
At the "Berlin traffic sites", one can find a very wide range of vehicle types, which stamped and still stamp the cityscape of Berlin. Besides many photos, there are available also scale drawings at least in the categories tramcars and metro vehicles.
Helmut Kern
At the homepage from Helmut Kern, among other things, one can find scale drawing from German locomotives of all traction kinds.
Tobias Benjamin Köhler
At the beginning, Tobias Köhler presented at the "European Railway Server" a specific site "Liveries and Paint Schemes" with contained an uncolored side view of the Swiss Re 465, which could be painted by anyone to get a real or fictitious coloring. Today, there is a very big variety of color schemes not only for the Re 465, but also for a lot of other locomotive types and wagons. Additionally to Tobias Köhler many other authors have contributed to these paintings.
Walter König
The Friends of the Augsburg Tramway present all tramcar types, which had ever been run there. Side view drawings, which exist for almost everey vehicle type, are combined to an animation scenario showing a tramcar parade.
KV Portal
At the KV portal info site you can find scale drawings from different container wagons.
Bruno Lämmli
At the homepage from Bruno Lämmli one can find side view drawings and dimension data from a very large amount of Swiss locomotives and railcars.
Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe (LVB) GmbH
At the vehicle sites from the municipal transport services of Leipzig, there can be found side view drawings from each tramcar and each bus, which are presented here.
Lemaco (Reynauld's Euro-Imports)
At the Lemaco site from the American model railroad dealer Reynauld, there are a lot of side view drawings from European locomotives displayed.
The company Lematec Prestige Models SA has taken over the activities of Lemaco's brass models section. Also here you can find side view drawings as illustrations for some railway models.
Lenz Elektronik GmbH
Besides pictures from their Gauge-0-models, the company Lenz shows also some side view drawings.
LTC (Let's train connect)
At this Japanese homepage, GIFmaps of Japanese vehicles are available, whose scale approaches nearly to that of the NSME screensaver.
Stan Lytle
Additional to data of more than 200000 American locomotives (only available for members), Stan Lytle provides also some side view drawings of American diesel engines (available for all visitors) at his internet site. Please regard also the category "Loco Gifs".
Manitou & Pike's Peak Cog Railway
At the homepage of the "Manitou & Pike's Peak Cog Railway" one can find side view drawings from the historic cogwheel vehicles as well as from the modern railcars coming from Switzerland.
Mansfelder Bergwerksbahn
At the homepage of the Mansfeld mine railway the used locomotives and coaches are presented also as scale or side view drawings.
Peter McLaughlin
Peter McLaughlin has specialized in busses of the USA and Canada. There are a lot of side view drawings with liveries of many bus companies available.
Eric Meltzer
The site from Eric Meltzer, which contained a lot off freight car scale drawings, unfortunately got deactivated for the moment. For my person, I found this site famous and primarily very interesting. So, I hope that Eric Meltzer finds a satisfactory solution to provide the drawings and the corresponding descriptions again as soon as possible.
Modellbau-Club Siemens München
Within the club magazine No.47 from the "Modellbau-Club Siemens München" one can find several side view drawings from mostly wuerttemberg steam engines.
Joshua Moldover
At the homepage from Joshua Moldover one can find a very big variety of side view drawings, showing American vehicles, which can be colored by self. But there are also a lot of vehicles available, which are already painted with specific color schemes.
Museums-Eisenbahn Minden (MEM)
At the internet site from the "Museums-Eisenbahn Minden" one can find also some few side view drawings from German steam locomotives.
The internet site about the regional traffic in Franconia includes in addition to the trams in Nuremberg and Würzburg also the Nuremberg subway and the regional traffic on rail and road in the Frankish region. Besides photos and technical data for many vehicles, one can also find several scale drawings.
The Swedish company Netrail offers second-hand and refurbished flat wagons as well as sliding wall wagons. At its homepage one can find also scale drawings from these wagons.
WBN Waggonbau Niesky GmbH
The company Waggonbau Niesky produces freight wagons of different types. At the company's internet site, there can be found scale drawings for each wagon type.
Thomas Noßke
Thomas Noßke considers the vehicles from the German state railway of era 2. From the most freight wagon types and from the freight railcars belonging to that era, there are colored side view drawings available.
Christoph Ozdoba
The homepage provided by Christoph Ozdoba is dedicated to the Rhetian Railway (RhB). For some specific vehicles there exist also side view drawings.
Pacific Western Rail Systems (PWRS)
The Canadian company "Pacific Western Rail Systems" offers models of American raileways in the internet. If there is no model photo available for a specific vehicle, a side view drawing is presented instead.
Patrick Paulsen:   Locos from Kiel + shunting diesels
Patrick Paulsen is responsible for different homepages, where German diesel locomotives and railcars are presented. At both presentations, there are also scale drawings for specific vehicle types available.
Jürgen Pepke
At the site from Jürgen Pepke about the "Royal Bavarian State Railways", one can also find scale drawings from the Bavarian railway vehicles.
Godwin T. Petermann
Godwin T. Petermann has produced a CD-ROM with drawings of busses, trucks and fire-fighting vehicles, all in the scale 1:87. Aside from this, one can also download many vehicle drawings directly from his homepage.
Arthur Pijpers
The mostly Dutch vehicles provided by Arthur Pijper are orignally foreseen for the well-known NSME screensaver and therefore have another scale. But they are well qualified as samples to draw analogous vehicles in the MM screensaver scale.
Karl Arne Richter
There are some project drawings of German diesel locomotive series at the V100 site from Karl Arne Richter. The V160 und V320 shown here had been never built with this design. In fact, they got the square-edged face of the well-known V160 family.
Pierre-Noel Rietsch
Besides the vehicles for the MM screensaver, Pierre-Noel Rietsch presents also scale drawings for all Re4/4-II variants.
Rittech SA
The Swiss company Rittech SA offers hand crafted models from at most European railway vehicles. Especially regarding the models from Lemaco and Lematec, these are partly illustrated by side view drawings.
RTM (Rotterdamsche Tramweg Maatschappij)
The screensaver page of the RTM contains vehicle drawings for the Dutch NSME screensaver.
Roland Ruesch
Roland Ruesch has deposited about 5000 drawings of American traction vehicles on his homepage, coming from about 850 railway companies.
Andreas Schäfer
This homepage considers the design and technology of steam engines. Especially, there are shown here scale drawings from the German standard design locomotives.
Hermann Schmidtendorf
Hermann Schmidtendorf represents the company Interlok, which deals with railway vehicles from at most Polish origin, at his homepage. From many vehicles there are also scale drawings available.
Hans-Peter Schramm
Hans-Peter Schramm has committed himself to the Swabian narrow gauge lines. Here, you can find side view drawings from the locomotives and wagons which had been driven at these lines.
Verlag Schweers+Wall
As specific examples from the well-known books about the vehicles from the Rhaetian railway, the Furka-Oberalp railway and the Brig-Visp-Zermatt railway, the publisher Schweers+Wall presents at his homepage some side view drawings.
Douglas Self
Douglas Self presents unusual steam locomotives from the whole world. A lot of them are also available as side view or scale drawings.
W. Seyfried
At his site about the "Royal Wuerttemberg State Railway" W. Seyfried shows side views and drawings of the vehicles from the foundation era.
Stoom Stichting Nederland (SSN)
The steam locomotives owned by the museum railway "Stoom Stichting Nederland" are coming at most from Germany. At the SSN homepage also side view drawings from these engines are presented.
Stinnes Logistics
The catalog of freight wagons from the Stinnes Logistics company contains a scale drawing for each freight wagon category as a basis for the measures for all wagon types belonging to this category.
Thierry Stora
Thierry Stora committed to the French compound locomotives, especially to that of André Chapelon. On can find scale drawings from factly realized locomotives as well as from such engines which didn't come out from the planning phase.
Talgo Finland
At the homepage of the Finnish spin-off of the Talgo company, one can find a very interesting animation from the two-floor multiple unit Talgo 22, which is still only a project design to my knowledge.
TGV test vehicles
The TGV001 turbotrain and the Z7001 electric railcar had been two specific test vehicles, from where consolidated findings had been evaluated for the construction of the TGV trains. From both vehicles there exist scale drawings at the TGV site from the European Railway Server.
Ulrich Thorhauer
Ulrich Thorhauer considers the narrow gauge railways of Pomerania. As part of his internet site, there exist also some scale drawings from narrow gauge freight wagons.
Tren clubul roman
For many locomotives, which are presented at the internet site of the "Romanian railway club", there is also a scale drawing available.
Markus Trommer
The friends of the Munich tramway museum show at the internet site from Markus Trommer besides photos of the Munich tramcar types also scale drawings.
Jürgen Utecht
At the site of Jürgen Utecht, one can find data sheets for German locomotives, which at most also contain a scale drawing.
Verein Interkantonales Kulturprojekt
The "Verein Interkantonales Kulturprojekt" from Switzerland shows scale drawings from some Swiss electric locomotives and railcars.
Verkehrshistorische Arbeitsgemeinschaft EVAG e.V. (VHAG)
The "Verkehrshistorische Arbeitsgemeinschaft" considers the history of the "Essener Verkehrs-AG (EVAG)". By this, it presents that vehicles from the EVAG, which are coached by the club. There exists also a scale drawing for each vehicle, which is presented at this site.
Carl Waldis
At the Gotthard railway site from Carl Waldis, one can find also side view drawings from that steam locomotives, which once had been running along this line.
Frank Wieduwilt
The scale drawings shown by Frank Wieduwilt represent German private freigt wagons of special kind. Especially heavy weight wagons can be found here.
Simon Wijnakker
At the homepage from Simon Wijnakker, one can find side view drawings from the actual locomotive families from Siemens, Bombardier and Alstom.
Windhoff Bahn- und Anlagentechnik GmbH
Based on the Cargo-Sprinter, the company Windhoff has derived further vehicles. Some of these are presented at the company's internet site as side view drawings.
Christof Ziebarth
At the homepage from Christof Ziebarth, one can find nearly all information about the LINT. The shown scale drawings represent already realized vehicle variants as well as vehicle types which are still only planned.
The "Zillertal" railway presents at its internet site also scale drawings to almost all vehicles.
Christoph Zimmermann
Christoph Zimmermann maintains the internet site of the "Verkehrshistorische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Bogestra e.V.". Here, one can find photographies of the Bogestra tramcars as well as scale drawings of them.