Ammer valley line between Tübingen and Herrenberg, Chapel of Wurmlingen

The Ammer valley line was partly built back for many years. But recently, the line was reactivated. Where steam engines of series 64 and railbusses of series 798 were the standard vehicles many years ago, railcars of type Regioshuttle (DB Regio) are running today.

H.-M. Hebsaker
Ammer valley line between Tübingen and Herrenberg, Wurmlinger Kapelle
Foto: © Hans-Martin Hebsaker
The Ammer valley line shown in this picture is a regional line between the cities Tübingen within the upper Neckar valley (regional line Stuttgart-Tübingen-Horb) and Herrenberg at the main line Stuttgart-Herrenberg-Horb-Switzerland. The chapel in the background is the 'Wurmlinger Kapelle', which is a popular walking destination from Tübingen. With clear weather, there is a wonderful panoramic view along the northern boundary of the Swabian Jura.