Calw in Black Forest, Stuttgarter Straße

H.-M. Hebsaker
Calw, Stuttgarter Straße
Photo: © Hans-Martin Hebsaker
The "Stuttgarter Straße" in Calw, which climbs up from the Nagold valley to Stuttgart, never contained a tram line, but for the program BAHNLAND, this street is predestinated for this. Especially, the location of the ascending street along the mountain is directly comparable with the "Neue Weinsteige" in Stuttgart, where trams really drived from the downtown up to the suburb Degerloch.

By the way, there is a cleft behind the houses at the opposite mountain, where the railway track of the line from Calw to Weil der Stadt, which was suspended several years ago, still exists (see the description of the scenario "Bridges of Calw").