Viaduct of Markersbach (Ore Mountains, Germany)

Original photo: © Klaus Hentschel

The picture shown above was kindly made available by Daniel Hentschel, the author of many railway vehicles for the MM screensaver. Markersbach is located in the Ore Mountains in Saxony at the railway line Aue - Annaberg-Buchholz near the "Fichtelberg" and the famous narrow gauge line from Cranzahl to Oberwiesenthal.

To show the bridge from the picture above with its full length in the BahnLand scale, the landscape scenario must have a width of at least 2200 pixels. BahnLand is able to handle and to show such scenarios, but the picture must be moved within the visible screen. Therefore, there can also be downloaded 3 sections of this picture whose widths are 1024 pixels. All scenarios have the same height of 768 pixels.
The full scenario
Left section
Central section
(left below)
Right section
Preparation: H.-M. Hebsaker, 2005-06-11