Wanted: Landscape drawings

You can add your own landscapes in the program BAHNLAND. Both landscapes you have drawn yourself and photographs are suitable. The scale of the pictures must correspond to the vehicles of the program BAHNLAND and real or fictitious track line(s) passing through the picture must be such that the vehicles can run along them. This requirement is satisfied, assuming a screen width of 1024 pixels, if the visible landscape sector shows 100 meters in full scale.

In photographs, the foreground should be distinct enough from the background that it can be distinguished and therefore prepared for the program BAHNLAND (the train should be able to pass through the landscape between foreground and background).

The additional landscape scenarios which are offered at these sites can be freely downloaded for private use with the program BAHNLAND. The copyrights for the individual scenarios and original pictures remain with the authors.
The presentation of the landscape pictures is similar to that of the description of the landscape drawings which are part of the program BAHNLAND: In a minimized format, the scenarios to be used with the program BAHNLAND as well as the corresponding original pictures (if there are some existing) with reference to the author are shown.

The download is done by clicking the disc icon, where the author and the date when the picture was offered are added. The ZIP file contains the background scenario as well as the corresponding picture stripe(s), where the foreground objects are contained which reside between the train passing the picture and the viewer. The files have to be extracted into the subdirectory "SZENARIO" of the progran BAHNLAND to get able for selection as landscapes by the program.
If you want to offer landscapes you have drawn yourself or photographs which have been prepared analogously, I will be happy to present these pictures on this site. Please send your pictures (as compressed ZIP files if possible) to the following e-mail address:

Hints for making your own landscape drawings can be found in the handbook or in the description of the program BAHNLAND under the title Drawing your own vehicles and landscapes.