At the end of September (27.-29.9.2002) a lot of MM screensaver vehicle authors came together in Freiburg for an unconstrained exchange of views.

The second day was dominated by a trip to the Titisee (see the rightside picture), which was rounded off by the drive within the cab of the regional train from Titisee to Freiburg.

The following 3 photos show the Ravenna bridge as seen from within the cab and from the side view (photographed while travelling to and returning back from the meeting).
All photos: © Hans-Martin Hebsaker
  At the next two pictures, you can see a further part of the "Höllental" line and the entrance to the Freiburg main station.

The map on the top of this page shows other positions (red circles) where I had made further landscape photos for the program BAHNLAND when I returned from Freiburg to Munich. You can see these landscapes in detail at the pages Höllental, Titisee, Tuttlingen and Donautal and download there.