Both the MM+MM screensaver of Manfred and Martin Meyer and the interaktive program EisenBAHN + LANDschaft (railway and landscape) allow the user to add further vehicle drawings to the program.

These pages show a collection of vehicles which are not yet included in one or both programms or where the color variant is new, or which have been inserted to a later edition of BahnLand.

In particular, it is planned to offer some vehicles in real colors, which currently in the program BAHNLAND are realized with only the 16 standard colors of WINDOWS.

The pictures which are offered at these sites can be freely downloaded for private use with registered versions of the MM+MM screensaver or the program BAHNLAND. The copyrights for the individual drawings remain with the authors.
The vehicle drawings are uniformly shown as follows in different vehicle groups:
Title of vehicle group  
Vehicle drawing Short description
of vehicle
M, B, =>
Demo in
Both programs use the same scale (1 pixel = 10 cm). But within the programs different formats are used. Therefore, the following variants are offered for download:
M  =  MM+MM screensaver format
B  =  BAHNLAND-Format with real colors
=>  =  Link to homepage, where the MM+MM screensaver variant of the present vehicle is offered
Letters M and B without underscore indicate the drawing already exists in the corresponding program (no download for this variant).

A link to another homepage is set, if the vehicle to be downloaded in BAHNLAND format is derived from a vehicle in MM+MM screensaver format, which is offered at the referred homepage.

Original drawing:
© Nikolaus Mohr
If a vehicle used by BAHNLAND is not symmetric, the program needs both sides to realize running over serpentines. If only one side was provided by the author, I have completed the vehicle with the other side by mirroring the existing one, accepting, that this could be non-authentic. This circumstance is marked by weakening the considered vehicle side as shown in the above picture.

By clicking on the icons in the righthand column the corresponding vehicle will be shown stationary or in motion within the presentation window at the top of the screen.
It is intended to extend the collection of vehicles at these pages continuously. If you have drawn own vehicles for these programs and you want to make them available for free use by other hobby colleagues in these pages, I will be happy to include your pictures. Please send your drawings (as compressed ZIP files if possible) to the following e-mail address: