Railway lines around Munich

South tangential line between Laim station and Munich East, 4 views

Photos: © Hans-Martin Hebsaker

The suburban station Laim between the main station and Pasing (see the picture on the top left) is also passed by long-distance trains. From here, these trains use the south tangential line to reach the station Munich East. Near the southern station, the Lindwurmstraße is passed (see the picture on the top right). After 1 km in east direction, the Isar is crossed over the Braunau bridge (see the picture on the bottom left). The last picture of this set shows the Hans-Mielich-Platz after further 500 m.

Suburban line S7 between Munich East and Perlach, 3 views

© Gerhard Hauptmann (station building)
Hans-Martin Hebsaker (landscape)

Photos: © Hans-Martin Hebsaker

There are two platform tracks at the station Perlach in the south of Munich East so that two trains can pass. Behind the station building, busses are driving.

Immediately after leaving the station Munich East in west direction (to the left within the above pictures), the suburban lines S2 and S7 have to cross the main line for turning left (to south direction). The distance between the two bridge ensembles at the Balanstraße (left picture) and the Rosenheimer Straße (right picture) is about 500 m. On the upper suburban line (ascending from right to left), the trains are passing on the lefthand side because of technical reasons. The long-distance trains using the lower south tangential line (see the above description) are passing on the righthand side (this is the normal passing rule in Germany).

Railway lines along the south Isar, 4 views

Photos: © Hans-Martin Hebsaker

Within the large picture on the top left, you can see 3 different railway lines:
Following the suburban line S7 from right to left (the most behind line within the picture), the suburban station Großhesselohe-Isartalbahnhof will be reached (picture on the bottom left). This station was already used by the old Isartalbahn which was coming up from the Isar valley. The old bridge which crosses the main line from Munich to Holzkirchen within the large picture, is remaining from this era. Today, the Isartalbahn line is refused, and the bridge is blocked by two wooden doors (picture on the top right). But for the BAHNLAND game, this old line got "reactivated". Finally, the main line to Holzkirchen will reach the viaduct "Großhesseloher Brücke" after 50 m behind the viewing position within the picture on the top left. This bridge crosses the Isar valley as shown in the large picture on the bottom right.

About 6 km south of Großhesselohe, the suburban line S7 passes the village Buchenhain. After further 11 km, the line will climb down to the valley of Isar and Loisach for reaching the end point Wolfratshausen.